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SHSMD + Mayo Clinic 2021 Conference

June 18, 2021 | Growth

In early June, our digital team attended SHSMD + Mayo Clinic’s 2021 Advanced Health Care Social Media and Digital Marketing Virtual Conference. Kennedy Cano shares how it transformed her perspective on the power of empathy and evolving content in an authentic way.

Have you ever taken time to evaluate your organization’s messaging from the perspective of you being the target audience? Or are you merely getting through everyday checking off boxes? Stop for a moment and ask: “Does this ad campaign resonate with me?” or “Do these ads show this company cares about me as an individual?”

While empathy seems like the “golden rule” as a tried-and-true practice when it comes to writing content, so much of what we produce daily lacks that very concept. We get into routines, experience burnout, and do whatever we can to produce “good enough” content that is then only seen as “good enough” to the end consumer scrolling down their feed, and never truly connects. Those missed connections are opportunities for better patient relationships and sharing authentic experiences that could ultimately change lives.

The conference covered a wide range of topics primarily focused on enhancing your digital presence both externally and internally, but here are a few themes that stuck out to me:

My 4 Main Takeaways

  1. Changing up your channels is inevitable. In order to grow your patient and/or client base, you have to also grow your range and method of sharing content. While traditional, and even digital media, have become the safer avenues to take, risks are rewarded when empathy and thought leadership are put behind them.
  2. Empathy and authenticity translates in your work. This should go without saying, and should be implemented in every facet of healthcare. However, the presentation on marketing to transgender communities opened my eyes to the lack of compassion, education and consideration marginalized communities experience everyday. The ability we as marketers have to reach them through authentic content that comes from a place of respect and a willingness to learn is profound.
  3. COVID changed what people want from marketing. It’s apparent from the popularity of platforms like Clubhouse and Tiktok that user-generated content and authentic, real stories are what people are craving in their media. No longer are the days when blasting a “sponsored” ad on Facebook or Instagram peaks the interest of those browsing their feed. After losing out on a year or more of real connection with people and those 1-on-1 moments we think about when we lay in bed at night, people want to be heard – and in turn, responded to. Conveying real human emotion in campaigns is the way of the future. The further we grow apart through using digital methods of communication, the closer we want the messaging to feel.

    Tailoring your messaging to make it more specific toward hyper-targeted groups and making them feel seen and heard is critical in the current climate. By also implementing this messaging internally through your communication, you have the ability to significantly increase your team’s morale, trust, and engagement. All of this translates to happier, more empathetic employees and has the ability to transform the way your team interacts with patients.
  4. Show ‘em the numbers! You can try 1,000 new branding techniques or social media creatives, but if none of them result in well, results, you’re a lot less likely to get through to your desired audience – your client. The best way to convey the importance of an initiative is simple, concise, and to the point. Have data to show, and the numbers speak for themselves. We were shown the importance of data throughout every presentation, and it was clear that the results of the campaigns resonated with these organizations. This only fuels the desire to continue producing innovative content and to “get with the times”.

The SHSMD + Mayo Conference lit a fire in me to continue thinking of innovative methods to connect with our clients and patients at a personal level. I’m excited to see how the digital world evolves even further in the coming years, and I’m confident that regardless of what changes are to come, empathy will always be at the heart of every great campaign.

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