Is Healthcare Missing an Opportunity to Influence?

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Five years ago, any healthcare executive would’ve cringed at the idea of using influencer marketing to meet their goals. Influencers have long been seen as “overpaid” models to an industry that prides itself on education, data, and science. But in today's market, the data says something different.

According to Forbes Top Social Media Statistics And Trends Of 2024, 50% of Millennials (arguably the most sought after audience in healthcare) place their faith in social media influencers’ recommendations, surpassing their trust in their favorite celebrities, which stands at 38%.

The drive behind this trust? Authenticity. An eye-opening 88% of Millennials say they value the authenticity of influencers they follow— providing clear insights, grounded in reliability and sincerity, for brands to follow.

Influencers play a key role in building trust and credibility, educating audiences, and addressing stigmas and misconceptions.

Check out how Michelle Kang is using her platform to educate others about the care journey of breast cancer treatment. 

Okay, we’ve sold you on the concept of influencer marketing. Now what? 


Set the Stage for a Successful Influencer Campaign 

Repeat after me: Define your goals. Define how to measure them. Lay out your content strategy.

Time and time again, we hear that social media doesn’t prove its ROI — in reality, your social media doesn’t know what investment it is trying to return on. Identify your goals. Define how to measure them. Lay out your content strategy. This will give you a clear path to follow.

For more information on developing an effective content strategy, check out this blog 


Choose your own adventure  

Based on the goals you have Identified, search for influencers that align with your message.

Maybe you need to grow your primary care volume. Recognize the gaps in your current marketing audiences. Are you hitting 25-35 year olds with your current tactics? Do you have an untapped minority population? Where is there opportunity for impact? Identify influencers who can leverage their audience for you.

Whatever the need is, there is a social media community to solve it — you just need to know who to search for.

Once criteria is established the fun begins. Finding individuals who create content that aligns with your organizational needs, but add their own flare and lens, is rewarding.

You can assess the credibility and authenticity of a creator by evaluating their voice and tone and how the followers engage.

Are the comments positive? How many likes and comments are they receiving in relation to follower count? What is the demographic of those who are engaging with their post? Does it match who you want to attract?

If you are anything like us, you will probably find yourself following the people you discover through this phase. There are talented, passionate creators everywhere. Once you find your brand match, don’t be afraid to reach out!  


Do you want to work with us? Check yes or no. 

I’ll be honest, this was the scariest part for me. You want to make a great first impression to cultivate the relationship, but also have to be clear on expectations and direction.  

My biggest piece of advice: brevity. Keep your initial outreach simple. Include basic information like:  

  • The goal of the campaign 
  • Why you think they would make a great fit  
  • What deliverables you are looking for  
  • Compensation details  

End with a clear question: Would you be interested in collaborating with us on Instagram (or TikTok, or LinkedIn)? 

If you found someone that aligns with your brand and campaign mission, odds are they will be excited for the opportunity to work with you! 

And what’s even more exciting? The impact.  


The Influencer Impact  

 Our client in Hudson Valley was ready to Light the Village Pink for breast cancer awareness month.  

The goal: Raise $50,000 to fund a breast cancer program at Northern Dutchess Hospital.  

Our strategy: Leverage both internal and external influencers in the community to highlight the importance of this program for the community. 

View an example of our internal influencer, Breast Surgeon and cancer survivor, Dr. Lisa Curcio.  

View an example of our external influencer, fashion lover and content creator, Aimee Rancer.  

31 days later: We attracted nearly 100 new online donors and raised $56,628.  

The union of passion, authenticity, and strategy can have a major impact 


But what about compliance?  

Our first question is (and always should be) — is this ethical? And legal?

If you are transparent within the content, yes.

You can disclose a paid partnership or ad through simple caption and video verbiage. This is something we advise creators on when laying out expectations.

As for tracking, treat it like any other paid campaign! UTMs can be a very effective way to see impact without risking patient data breaches.

Always use responsible messaging and proof all content before it goes live!

For Ten Adams, 2024 is the year of leaning into creators' influence.

We are leveling up our client strategies and approaching challenges with one thing in mind: Where are your patients and how can we help them access care?

Don’t be late to the party. Chat with us now!  

Social media data:  Forbes

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