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We offer you a fully integrated suite of healthcare marketing services.

Consumers are everywhere. That’s why the Ten Adams team centers our focus on the consumer, then pushes outward using an omnichannel approach to find all the ways we can connect them to you.

We incorporate digital, traditional, and nontraditional marketing into one cohesive plan to help you achieve marketing success.

Marketing that increases patient acquisition and retention.

Our goal is to connect with your audience wherever they are so they connect with your brand. We put the user first and craft content for social, local, and mobile delivery. The result is an orchestration of paid digital advertising (all forms), social media, email, and web, collaborating with traditional and nontraditional channels. This media strategy maximizes reach and frequency, engages your audience and drives them to your hospital or health system.


Feel confident in our integrated approach to marketing that improves your reputation, increases patient volume and retention, lowers your patient acquisition costs, and maximizes your budget.


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Consumer Lifecycle Marketing

Boost patient conversions and retention.

Consumer lifecycle marketing involves studying the customer journey in an integrated way. Success happens when you are able to move from capturing consumer attention to ensuring lifetime patient retention. We create a managed communications strategy to prioritize and integrate the full range of marketing channels needed to support consumers on their path to booking an appointment. We leverage both personalized messaging and re-targeting.

Service Line Campaigns

Drive demand for high-margin services and procedures.

Service line marketing can offer profitable campaign wins and strong ROI for health systems –  as long as you don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. At Ten Adams, we leverage our extensive knowledge of healthcare service lines along with their regulations and channel-specific restrictions. We also facilitate initial conversations with clinical leaders to ensure the impact marketing has on operations and ultimately the patient is positive.

Reputation Management Campaigns

Deliver an accurate online experience that instills confidence.

Reputation management improves online reputation by taking control of your image and brand to attract and acquire more patients. As more patients search for their providers online, the ability to be found, monitor what is said, and actively get involved in the conversation to boost online reviews and revenue is essential.

Media Strategy & Planning

Target the right audience with the right message and channel.

Media strategy & planning is essential to deploying your message successfully. Ten Adams’ strategic media planning process is multi-step, aimed to target your messages precisely and impactfully at an optimal price point. We believe a solid, strategic foundation is essential to all areas of our business, and media is no different. Ten Adams will use expert data sources to understand the heart of your individual market and apply key demographics along with behavioral and lifestyle patterns from your target market to craft a media plan that will provide the strongest return on your investment.

Media Buying & Negotiation

Make efficient marketing and media decisions.

Media buying & negotiation synergize marketing efforts across multiple media channels. Once the media strategy is prepared, negotiations begin. We develop relationships with vendors and evaluate cost efficiencies in comparison to the overall market. We negotiate and manage frequency and volume contracts to secure the lowest costs possible. To stretch your dollars even further, we secure added value extensions. All of this is possible because our strategy and experience allow us to know what prices the market will bear.

Social Media

Proactively grow your audience and amplify brand engagement.

Social media platforms allow hospitals and health systems to scale connection equity with potential patients one-on-one while maximizing their brand presence online. Ten Adams’ social media program is designed to utilize each social channel to amplify your relevance, leverage decentralized voices for community building, personalize content based on population needs, and integrate both brand and performance goals for full funnel conversion. With the ever-growing importance of connecting with your audience, using social media the right way is critical for your brand’s viability.

Email Marketing and Automation

Maintain patient relationships when they need you most.

Email marketing gives you the ability to build long-lasting relationships with your patients, so you're their first choice when they need care. Ten Adams can help you develop targeted, personalized email campaigns to support patient engagement, education, care path, recruitment, and event promotion to keep your brand top of mind. Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels available and gives you direct communication with your patients.


We know Marketing. Ask UT Health San Antonio.

“This work will surely win awards, impress website visitors, enhance our campaigns, and help expand the cancer center’s footprint for years to come.

We did all of this during a pandemic! You guys ROCK!

Lauren Smith
Manager, Marketing and Communications, UT Health San Antonio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about working with a branding and marketing agency exclusively focused on healthcare? We have answers.

How can I convince our physicians that marketing is necessary?


Many doctors remain "marketing shy." Even though thousands of healthcare organizations nationwide market themselves, some providers still feel uncomfortable or don’t believe the investment is worthwhile. If that sounds like your situation, we understand your concern.


What's important to remind physicians: Marketing is an essential channel for influencing and shaping how others think of you. The reputation you build is entirely up to you. You're telling patients, prospective patients, and the community what you do and reminding them when, how, and why to think of your organization – first. 


Healthcare marketing using the right strategies and tactics will produce impactful results, drive smart, measurable growth, and positively enhance the reputation of your health system and physicians.



How should I establish a marketing budget?


Budget by strategic objectives. A sound marketing budget starts with the end in mind. Define your goals, target audience, KPIs, and metrics for success to create an effective plan of action. 


Marketing success is best achieved when goals and budgets are in sync with one another. This alignment also helps you calculate ROI later down the line! 


Make sure key stakeholders have weighed in, starting with your executive team and extending to clinical administrators or physicians. Understanding the operational impact your marketing efforts might have on patients and staff  – positive or negative – is key!


Does traditional media still work?


Absolutely! Traditional media tactics can still play a vital role in marketing campaign effectiveness. Digital advertising opportunities continue to develop and improve. Tactics that were previously limited to very large or national clients are now available for regional/local advertisers at smaller investment levels. 


It's important to keep in mind, that the synergy of marketing efforts across multiple media channels is key, as consumer media habits are constantly changing and evolving. That's why we consider many approaches to maximize audience reach, frequency, and brand awareness.


What's the best way to reach today's healthcare decision maker?


The heart of an efficient media strategy is reaching the correct target audience — demographically and geographically. The typical healthcare decision maker is a woman 35-64. 


As that core demographic switches to Millennials, the media strategy needs to adjust accordingly. Millennials are increasingly technology-driven and spend a lot of time in front of multiple screens. Millennials are known to prefer visual content over text-only content. They are also more likely to share with their friends and family. These characteristics point to the continued effectiveness of video and social media.

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Five questions to ask a branding agency before you hire them

Overhauling the brand identity of an entire health system takes time, planning, and expertise. When done correctly, though, it can completely transform your reputation and forge a path to future success.


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