5 Reasons Why Animation Can Power Up Your Branding

Why should you consider using animation in your healthcare branding and communication strategy? Simple, animation has the power to captivate, connect and convey a brand’s message like no other medium. 

In a skilled marketer’s hands animation is far from child’s play. That’s because at its core animation is compelling and allows stories and information to tap into your audience’s imagination and heart.

Best of all, brands can use animation across a whole campaign or utilize it to promote a single initiative. After all, animated creative lives in many forms—from Disney movies, streaming show openers to brand logo identifiers. There’s no right or wrong way. It’s only a matter of keeping your creative mind open to the power of animation in building your brand.

Why Animation Sets Your Brand Apart

1. An Out-of-the-Box Approach

Who doesn’t want to stand out and break free from the everyday constraints of traditional marketing communications? You can literally create anything. Animation gives you the power to transform complex ideas and brand benefits into easy-to-digest stories.

Showcase intricate medical procedures. Illustrate the benefits of how you deliver an amazing, personalized patient experience. Whatever picture you need to paint, animation provides a versatile canvas for expressing your brand's unique essence. No other creative technique gives you a limitless foundation to build upon and bring your brand story to life.

Branding with Animation - Phoenix Childrens Hospital by Ten Adams

2. Grabs Attention in a Blink

Attention spans are growing shorter every day. As a marketer this is a challenge and where animation can shine. With its dynamic visuals and captivating movements, animation possesses a magnetic quality that draws viewers eyes and holds their attention longer.

Animated videos have the power to spark curiosity and leave a lasting impression. Imagine promoting a groundbreaking technology, demonstrating a service or educating your community on any topic.

Branding with Animation - UT-Health by Ten Adams

3. Reach a Broader Audience

In healthcare marketing, your message needs to bridge generations. Let’s face it, this is hard to do with custom or stock photography and video. Yet from Baby Boomers to Gen Zers, we all grew up sharing a love for animation.

Taking advantage and leveraging this shared nostalgia, animation bridges gaps and resonates with the diverse audiences we need to target. Using an animated element or approach puts the focus on the brand benefit rather than the demographic of the viewer.

Branding with Animation - Trinity Health FirstCare by Ten Adams

4. Delivers a Clear Message

Animation is capable of simplifying ideas and explaining them in a highly visual way, especially when your featured subject is complex or abstract. Animation is a solution if you can't simply point a camera at it. In order to explain the inner workings of a complicated system or process, you frequently see whiteboard videos or other animation styles.

Branding with Animation - Trinity Health New Healthcare Campus and Medical District

5. Plays Well on Every Channel

Today, the traditional and digital landscape is vast and varied, including screens of countless sizes. Whether seen on an 80-inch flat screen or on a 3-inch wide smart phone, animation holds the power to capture attention and convey a message.

On the other hand, live action videos often need supporting text or graphics to better communicate the message which can get lost on some smaller screen sizes. Animation, by design, doesn't lose its messaging punch in social and digital mediums.

We Can Help You Embrace the Power of Animation in Your Brand

Incorporating animation into your healthcare branding strategy can help supercharge a message. It's a step beyond the ordinary, a leap into the extraordinary. Whether it's a social media snippet or a feature on your website, animation adapts seamlessly to any channel, ensuring your brand's essence is consistently communicated, no matter where it's viewed.

Ready to take your healthcare branding to new heights using eye-catching animation? The team at Ten Adams is here to guide you every step of the way. With a deep understanding of both healthcare and branding (40+ years strong), we are uniquely positioned to harness the strength of animation to elevate your brand presence. From conceptualization to execution, we're not just marketers; we're storytellers, visionaries, and partners in your brand's success.

Contact us today to see how we can help your brand's story take flight, perhaps with the power of animation.

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