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Work We’re Proud of: COVID-19 Fundraisers, Microsites & Creative

July 17, 2020 | Strategy
TA Group Collaboration

Everyone knows how diamonds are made, right? Carbon under great pressure becomes sparkling, unique pieces of crystal. To be honest, we should all feel a little sparkly right now. COVID-19 has presented many challenges and obstacles, but we’re confident we’ll come through the pandemic even stronger, smarter, more prepared, and more experienced.

From great pressure, these gems were made.

Peterson Health – Helping the Helpers

Our friends at Peterson Health needed help. Since the start of the pandemic and into the reopening of the state, Peterson Health has been standing strong battling COVID-19 for their community in Texas Hill County. But, the helpers needed help. We created a multichannel fundraising campaign towards the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies to support Peterson Health’s front line healthcare workers.


Social Media Post Mockup
Letterhead Mockup
Landing Page Mockup

UT Health San Antonio – Impact 

As the only academic medical center in the San Antonio area, UT Health San Antonio had a unique collection of perspectives when responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their clinical, research, labs and students were all contributing and they needed an information hub to share this expertise with the larger San Antonio community. We created a digital magazine focused on the impacts that UT Health San Antonio has had on the pandemic with a special focus on human-interest stories.


Impact Microsite Screenshot

Trinity Health Network – Together. Supporting Each Other

Trinity Health System quickly realized they needed a brand-level response to the national health crisis in order to build goodwill and confidence with the Minot, North Dakota community. They wanted to acknowledge the importance of people who serve others, not just healthcare workers. Using Minot specific photography, we created a multichannel campaign that reinforced community pride and the shared connections that make a community strong.

Newspaper Ad Mockup

Augusta University Health – We Got This.

“We got this” was Kristina Keefer’s, CEO of AU Health, confident response to COVID-19. She knew that as the Augusta River Region’s only Academic Medical Center, her team of researchers, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers would come together to meet the challenges of COVID-19. “We got this” became AU Health’s mantra. We partnered with them to develop this phrase into a message of connection, inspiration, encouragement and recognition. We created a “We Got This” themed graphic badge that was shared through print and social.

AU FB Hero Screenshot

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

This is just a glimpse of all of the amazing work we were proud to be a part of. We thank our partners for letting us be a part of each one.

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