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How a Relationship with an Agency Should Be

October 9, 2020 | Growth

With Ten Adams, you'll be the all-star!

How a Relationship with an Agency Should Be.

What does a Ten Adams relationship look like? Our clients would say that’s an easy answer! For over 35 years our role has been guiding healthcare organizations to success through transparent communications based around proven, strategic thought leadership.

But let’s dive deeper into this.

As marketers we are very strong individuals determined to succeed every time, no exceptions. But sometimes a little boost of brainpower is what is needed to help us expand our reach and grow even faster. Here is a deeper look at three buzzwords to better understand what an agency relationship with Ten Adams looks like.


Nobody knows your organization better than you do, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Ten Adams is your guide. Using your organizational knowledge with our marketing strategy, we’ll help you navigate the daily marketing fires and reach your most lofty goals. Our team happily arms you with the guidance you crave to navigate the toughest and best of times. We are happiest when you are at your best, by being surrounded by a hardworking team, respected by your leadership, funded as needed and, most importantly, living a balanced work/personal life.


We understand that it isn’t possible for most organizations to have a budget that supports an internal expert in every function you need – web development, planning, creative support, media placement and the list goes on. What is amazing about our team of 33+ experts is that we are able to tap into many different focuses with years of experience to find and provide the information you need. We fill the holes on your team, and work alongside your inhouse team members – seamlessly!


In a relationship, communication is critical. We want to hear it all, the amazing and the ugly. Two-way communication supports our team in delivering the best deliverables every time. We know that not all communication will be positive and that is okay because we promise to listen to the bad as well. And likewise, we promise to give you honest, real feedback. It can be difficult to find a partner and confidant who will be real and not a pleaser. We will be a true friend.

At Ten Adams we promise to make you the all-star in the room. It won’t always be easy and there will be hard work but with a dedicated focus on you, your team and the organization you love – together we will deliver the results we both want. YOU DESERVE A WIN.

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