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Gain Leadership Buy-in with These 3 Effective Tips

April 20, 2018 | Strategy
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Making the plan is half the battle, it will take full buy-in from leadership to get your ideas off the ground.

We’ve worked through shifting our mindset from volume to value and have started prioritizing our key areas for success (branding, engagement, reputation, growth) with our strategic marketing plan. And it sure feels good! But you’ve had plans before that may have failed to launch. Why? Because we often miss one critical step in executing our plans: getting buy-in from leadership. Once you create your strategic marketing plan, the next step is to share it with your VP and then with your CEO.

Here are some tips as you seek buy in from leadership:

  1. Use the volume to value concept to explain what you are trying to accomplish and how it aligns with the organization’s driving goals.
  2. Center the discussion on leveraging your resources to achieve the greatest return on investment for the organization.
  3. Explain that marketing consists of more than just ads, posters and articles. Marketing is responsible for building the brand, engaging stakeholders, enhancing the organization’s reputation and driving growth.

Once the strategic marketing plan is approved, it needs to be communicated to the rest of the organization. Start by sharing with managers and directors, framing the conversation around the concept of volume to value and making sure to explain the plan is supported by leadership and is now moving forward with their approval. Explain that all marketing resources, including staff, budget and time, are now being fully allocated to projects outlined in the strategic marketing plan.

Know that this may come as a bit of a surprise, especially if the precedent has been different, so be understanding of their questions and concerns — recognize that important, unplanned requests may be necessary but also explain that, in order to take on additional projects not outlined in the plan, you will need to seek leadership approval to determine which initiative comes off the list to allow for the resources to make the request possible.

The goal during the buy in phase is to create a sense of excitement and camaraderie between marketing and the departments and services it supports. Over time, departments will adjust and adhere to your new priorities and strategy will be able to live at the forefront of your processes.  

Written by Jennifer Horton

Jennifer is a strategic problem-solver with 20 years of experience strategizing in for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare systems. She simplifies complex healthcare problems, breaking them down into manageable goals to achieve our clients’ large-scale dreams, all while expertly navigating corporate structures and keeping all players engaged along the way.

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