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Show value with social media and mobile results

April 18, 2014 | Digital
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These days more and more people in healthcare marketing are moving to sources of new media.

They are finding that the old, reliable measurements for a successful campaign don’t always exist in the social/mobile world.

In the social media world, the value of your healthcare marketing campaign is dictated solely by the engagement it creates with your customer base. How many people commented on a post you created? How many of them liked it? Most important of all, how many of them shared it?

Social media channels, like Facebook, offer reporting at your fingertips, which provides data on which of your posts drew the best response. If a certain message or contest was very successful, including a like-minded campaign or two in the next year is a great idea.

In the mobile world, Google Analytics is invaluable for gauging results for your healthcare marketing campaign. Many marketers already use Google Analytics to track their website traffic. Making your website more mobile friendly will only increase that traffic. By clicking on the audience tab, you can see how many visitors arrived from a mobile device.

How are you showing the value of your healthcare marketing?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the subject further, feel free to contact me at bscott@tenadams.com, or give us a shout.

Written by Brandon Scott

For the past ten years, Brandon has put his skills to use building immersive and engaging digital experiences for client’s brands. A true student of the game, he keeps tabs on the latest trends, understanding how to best integrate cross-platform engagements and knowing how to create brand experiences that resonate with audiences.

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