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October 11, 2016 | Branding
A Brand is supported by its Promise, Beliefs and Story – Ten Adams

What do a politician’s promises have to do with your brand?

It’s election season – the season of promises, promises, promises. If you’re following almost any state or presidential political campaign (or even if you’re trying not to), you’ll see an ongoing dance. One candidate makes a promise, followed by the opponent claiming the promise won’t be kept based on the candidate’s past record and behavior. Round and round.

With an overload of conflicting and confusing information, many voters will disregard the messages that don’t match their beliefs and remember only what confirms their existing bias.

The election season is a lot like branding. If your organization’s messages don’t match the consumers’ beliefs or experiences, they’ll be ignored. If your brand is overly aspirational and not based in reality, it will be overlooked as fluff.

After all, a brand is essentially a promise. For a brand to have integrity, it needs to spring from the positive perceptions held by your stakeholders. If the experiences of your patients, employees, volunteers, visitors and neighbors don’t match your brand’s promise — well, it’s really not your brand, no matter what your headlines and taglines say.

How can you be sure your organization’s brand has integrity? That it’s honest and perceived as true and authentic? Just like the politicos, you need to do some careful “polling”. Well-designed surveys and qualitative research with focus groups are critical to knowing how you are perceived and why.

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Written by Kris Laufer

With impeccable instincts, Kris brings that rare combination of creative and logic to Ten Adams, with a strategic-minded focus that guides every creative decision. With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, Kris, an Addy® Silver Medalist, has led our team to produce a portfolio of work that has won serious hardware and the respect of our clients.

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