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March 26, 2021 | Media
Kim Wangler, Media Services — Ten Adams

With unparalleled media expertise in both traditional and non-traditional forms, Kim is a master in planning for markets large and small and understands what it takes to manage media for healthcare brands of any size.

Introducing Ten Adams VP of Media, Kim Wangler

This week we are sitting down with our VP of Media, Kim Wangler, and asking her about the latest trends and tools that are shaping the media communications landscape. While she may self-identify as a “media geek” we are all pretty amazed by her visionary lens and strategic execution. Read on to learn more about the fearless leader of the Ten Adams media team and get geeky with us.

How long have you been at Ten Adams?

I started at Ten Adams in 2009, but I have been planning and buying media for almost 30 years. Before joining Ten Adams I worked at another agency with all categories of clients; retail, fast-food, banking, entertainment and healthcare. I was slightly concerned about focusing exclusively on healthcare, but after a few short months, I quickly realized that specialization promotes increased strategy and expertise. Healthcare Marketing is definitely a bit different, and with it being my sole focus for over a decade I know the true value it brings to our clients.

What is happening in media that is new or exciting?

Digital advertising opportunities continue to develop and improve. Tactics that were previously limited to very large or national clients are now available for regional/local advertisers at smaller investment levels. But traditional media tactics can still play a vital role. The synergy of marketing efforts across multiple media channels is key and consumer media habits are constantly changing and evolving, so we consider many approaches to maximize audience reach and brand awareness.

How important are demographics in media buying? Have differences in culture or generational behavior shifted recently?

The heart of an efficient media strategy is reaching the correct target audience — demographically and geographically. The typical healthcare decision maker is a woman 35-64. As that core demographic switches to the Millennial Generation, the media strategy needs to adjust accordingly. Millennials are increasingly technology driven and spend a lot of time in front of multiple screens. Millennials are known to prefer visual content over text-only content. They are also more likely to share with their friends and family. These characteristics point to the continued effectiveness of video and social media.

What is your favorite Ten Adams tool or process that could help other marketing professionals when discussing media strategy with their executive teams?

The word “tool” in this question makes it sound like there is a “silver bullet.” It is not that easy. I think the key to identifying efficient marketing and media decisions is uncovered through the Ten Adams Discovery Process where we clearly identify objectives and desired results. External/mass media is not always the answer. The problem, objective and desired result need to be clearly identified before a solution can be devised. Then, we strategize collaboratively, as an agency, to determine which media channels/tactics are effective and efficient to obtain the desired results.

What was the first media buy you made?

This really dates me, but my first placement was Yellow Pages! Before the internet, the Yellow Pages was a very viable advertising medium. Viable, but boring. I quickly switched roles and began buying broadcast and other types of more “exciting” media.

What was the strangest placement you remember?

Not as strange now as it was 20 years ago, but I placed bathroom stall advertising from a company called Captive Advertising. A “captive” audience, indeed. 

Have more robust tracking and measurements with the growth of digital options made the media landscape more confusing or more powerful?

I would use the terms complex, powerful and exciting. I began buying media in the early 90s prior to the internet as we know it. I could have never dreamed that I would be using self-service platforms to buy digital media targeting specific demos, geos, and psychographic behaviors. The identified geo can be as narrow as a single address. That is truly powerful, exciting and complex.

What is the biggest benefit, for clients, of working with Ten Adams for media?

The Ten Adams media team members are dedicated specialists in the field. We live and breathe media day in and day out. We are thoughtful and strategic when developing a plan. We are organized and maintain spreadsheets detailing all media activity. We constantly strive for additional negotiations to maximize efficiencies and we steward every placement from start to finish to make sure it ran as placed. Detailed monthly reports are provided for all digital placements — tracking impressions, clicks, website visits, phone calls, event attendance, etc.

Media is just one part of the Power of 10. Media, in collaboration with a sound marketing Strategy, exceptional Creative, and a thoughtful Digital consumer journey, helps create an overall experience that will lift every brand to its highest potential.

What are five words you would use to describe the media team at Ten Adams?

Strategic. Experienced. Perfectionists. Dedicated. Detailed.

Want to meet Kim and get to know her team?

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