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What makes Ten Adams tick?

July 22, 2015 | Strategy

This was the subject line in the first email I sent to Ten Adams in March, 2015.

When I joined the team as an intern in May, the answer to my question became clear. Each member of the Ten Adams team executes each task to the power of ten.

By joining the Ten Adams team, you are trusted to exceed expectations. It is because of the thirst to create powerful work that there is no “weakest link.” Everyone brings an open and unique perspective to each client’s work, which enables the powerhouse to have synergy.

Nearing two months spent on the third floor of Ten Adams, I have found the team to be a cohesive combination of the following: responsive + supportive +brilliant + motivating + adaptable + excited. Ten Adams exists because of the attitudes its team displays. Without the team, Ten Adams is an empty house. With 20+ bodies buzzing through Ten Adams, it is one well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders to make things happen from the inside, out.

The flow of ideas at Monday morning huddles makes Ten Adams tick. The dedication to stay late to perfect a design makes Ten Adams tick. The passion to stand behind our campaigns makes Ten Adams tick. The camaraderie to enjoy time outside of the office together makes Ten Adams tick.

Does the prospect of working with Ten Adams make you tick? Your brainpower may be the perfect addition to the team. Check out our careers page.

About Ten Adams

Ten Adams is a healthcare branding, marketing + advertising agency. We are strategists and creatives that transform business challenges into powerful brand experiences for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Relax. We know healthcare.

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