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How to keep marketing tactics from taking over your brand

November 10, 2015 | Media

If you’re a hospital marketer, you’ve heard this plea before...

“We need a billboard! We need a TV commercial!
We need a radio spot!”

If you’re a hospital marketer, you’ve heard this plea before.

But before you get sucked into guilt and the pressure to do whatever your service line manager demands — take a deep breath. Remember: You’re the marketer. You know what works. And you know that doing a commercial just to “do” a commercial never does.

A tactic is like a symptom. When someone asks you to put up a billboard, your job is to work backward to figure out the problem they are trying to solve. Make them feel heard by finding out why they think they need a billboard. Then, with your arsenal of data, research and a well-thought out strategy, you can share a real solution — and fix the problem they are having.

We find this analogy helpful:

A patient wouldn’t go to the doctor and say, “I need a Xanax” and to that the doctor would reply, “OK, great, here’s your prescription.”

That’s because before a doctor tries to solve a problem, they ask questions first. That’s your role as the marketing hero.

For example, when someone asks you to do a billboard, you could ask:
“Do you need to add volume?”
“Are your referrals not sending patients?”
“What is the purpose of this billboard? How does this fit into our brand?”

Once you have your diagnosis, you can work on a treatment plan.

Remember, you are the keeper of your brand. Don’t do anything until you’ve looked at your marketing goals, budget and time frame and decided how you’re going to measure the success of a campaign. Then, communicate with your agency partner.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll know you’ve protected your brand.

If you’re concerned about keeping marketing tactics from taking over your brand, the best place to start is to test your brand health with our free brand assessment.

Written by Kim Wangler

Kim is a 20-year veteran in negotiating great deals, always on the hunt for the best media at the best rate to build the best brand presence for our clients. With unparalleled media expertise in both traditional and non-traditional forms, Kim is a master in planning for markets large and small and understands what it takes to manage media for healthcare brands of any size.

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