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Influence: The power is within you

August 31, 2016 | Strategy
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At Ten Adams, we’re looking forward to this year’s SHSMD conference in Chicago.

The Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development’s annual extravaganza always offers up a smorgasbord of opportunities to hear about the latest tools and trends in healthcare marketing strategy.

While perusing the conference agenda, there’s one topic we found both timeless and trendy. This year, the conference has a full-day intensive workshop called Influencer Training, based on the popular book that teaches you the steps to be a high-power influencer.

Knowing how to influence people has always been a key skill for marketing professionals, especially those of us in the complex world of hospital and health system marketing. First, you have to persuade your administrators and physicians that marketing is a worthwhile investment for the organization. Then, you have to develop messages that influence your target audience to care about a service they’d prefer to never need. On top of that, you have to inspire people to act on that information when they DO need the service. It’s never been simple!

But, in reality, it’s getting harder. Our role in marketing — just like the organizations we serve — is moving from building volume to building value. As reimbursement moves toward rewarding health providers for the overall health of a population, our job changes. Now we don’t just encourage consumers to choose our services when they’re sick. We have to persuade them to change their behavior to healthier choices and habits. It’s a nobler calling perhaps – but it ain’t easy.

Fortunately, influence is already in our blood. A healthcare marketer’s skills to build preference and market share can be applied to population health goals — to influence lifestyle choices and engagement in building wellness for the community.

Even if you can’t attend the intensive workshop, you have a treasure trove of tools and tactics to influence your population already:

  • You understand that to inspire change, you must appeal to the mind AND the heart.
  • You know how to tell a story that’s memorable.
  • You can educate and inform using clear communication and provide a way to act on the information.

With these killer skills, marketing and communications can be more successful within your health system than ever before.

What do you think? We’d love to know. Find Ten Adams at SHSMD Booth #205 to meet our team, and enter our giveaway!

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