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Helping you power new connections at SHSMD 2016

August 25, 2016 | Strategy
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Today’s world feels more interconnected than ever.

We chat across Facebook, Twitter and a dozen other apps simultaneously. Even our smartphones can talk to our car, home thermostat and refrigerators. It seems as if everyone and everything is talking to one another. As marketers, your first impression may be to simply dive in and let the momentum lead your brand forward. Ah, if only it was that easy.

Actually, it can be! A good first step is to team up with the right people who can help you make sense of all the connections. That’s why we’re headed to SHSMD 2016 in Chicago. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned and accomplished in evolving healthcare brands in our dynamic times. We’ve been change agents for 30+ years and we’re eager to give you a glimpse of what’s working now and what we see coming next in healthcare.

Join our SHSMD “Academic Medical Center” discussion at the Round-Table Luncheon.

  • Monday September 12, 12:45 to 2:00 p.m.
  • Regency Ballroom, West Tower of the Hyatt Regency

Jennifer Horton, our VP of Strategy, will be facilitating a SHSMD Academic Medical Center round-table discussion. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet, and hear what’s on the minds of, your fellow marketers, as well as get a glimpse of how they approach solving a variety of today’s healthcare challenges. It’s a conversation sure to be filled with practical knowledge and ideas you’ll be able to use. Seats are limited, though, so arrive early.

See what’s on our minds.  Stop by our booth #205.

This year we’re introducing our new Ten Adams booth experience. We’ve focused everything on better connecting you with more real-world examples of our award-winning marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking for new ways to promote your physicians, drive more traffic to a free-standing ED, bolster a service line or re-brand an entire healthcare system, we can show you how we’ve done it.

Enter our Yeti Hopper 20 giveaway (a $300 value).

We’re experts at taking care of healthcare brands and empowering their marketers. This year, someone will enjoy a little extra TLC. Stop by the Ten Adams booth to enter to win a Yeti Hopper 20 portable cooler. It’s the coolest way to keep everything chilled no matter where you go.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s SHSMD conference in Chicago!

Ten Adams will be at SHSMD 2016.

September 11-14, 2016
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chicago, IL
Booth #205

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