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Healthcare marketing ROI: How to prove it

March 8, 2016 | Strategy
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As a healthcare marketer, your job isn’t just to launch campaigns.

It’s also to prove that each one is working. Here’s how to swing it:

Establish your baseline. 

Before you begin, you have to know where you’re starting from. This way, you’ll have some hard data to look at, after your campaign has ended. But don’t just focus on traffic to your website. Take a look to see what’s going on with your social media accounts, too. If your goal is to increase volume for a service, find out what the trends have been over the past years.

Know your outcome, and preach it. 

Sound impossible to choose just one? It’s not. In fact, it’ll help give you a blueprint of how to conduct your campaign. Want new patients to come in for bariatric surgery? Want expectant moms to call to make an appointment to see your new labor and delivery area? Are you trying to encourage more people to come out to your farmer’s market? Once you know what your objectives are, you’ll be able to plan your campaign around that. But it’s not just about you. Remind your team of the goal – to support an all-hands-on-deck approach and to celebrate when you get there.

Take credit. 

Since your campaign launched, did you achieve what you set out to do? Any other wins? That’s because of you! Take credit where you can and celebrate the work of your team. Creating a dashboard and delivering a report is priority. Of course, the dream is to have a patient walk up to your CEO and say, “I saw this ad on TV and I came to your hospital,” but until that dream comes true, just stick to the numbers.

Have a clear call to action. 

Within every campaign, you direct your patients somewhere. Microsite? Special phone number? A new doctor’s biography? Wherever you tell patients to go, that’s what you are tracking. Directly support your outcome with the action you’re asking from patients. If you’re really seeking action, consider an incentive, like a giveaway.

Now is the time to start planning an analytics dashboard your CEO will love. Sign up for a free Brain Power Hour to talk about proving the ROI on your next campaign.

Written by Nancy Daugherty

With two-and-a-half decades of experience in strategic market planning, market research, media planning and buying, Nancy leads our marketing team in uncovering consumer insights that help us guide clients to find the right message and the right medium to reach the right audience. Nancy uncovers the research data that drives creative strategy.

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