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HCIC 2015 – A Fresh User Experience

November 19, 2015 | Digital
Brandon Scott at HCIC 2015 – Ten Adams

The Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) recently wrapped their 19th annual event in Orlando, Florida.

Hosted by digital consultants Greystone.net, this was a solid collection of 650+ digital strategists, content providers, designers, developers, and healthcare organizations challenged to transform the future of the industry. As the Director of Brand Strategy + Digital for Ten Adams, I felt it was important to attend this event to learn, share and connect with this community. And being my very first conference, Mickey Mouse showed up and told me to share my HCIC user experience.

First of all…

the healthcare industry is challenged by transformation on multiple fronts, and is considered to be at least 5 years behind other industries when it comes to integrating digital technology. For over 10 years, I’ve been inspired by User Experience because it reveals delightful opportunities within our most critical challenges. UX (short for user experience) has proven to be the most consistent thread in our human evolution. Now more than ever, the healthcare industry is forced to look at its core, and provide better products and services that align with the consumer behaviors of today and tomorrow.

So how do we do this?

Warner L. Thomas, President and CEO Ochsner Health System provided the opening keynote address and stated, “Connectors have led disruption…we want to be involved with the companies that will disrupt our services.” This is great vision. He understands that the path is more important than the product, and mentioned companies like Uber, Airbnb, OpenTable, and Vizio have taken the right approach to create transformational value.

Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist with White Rhino, led a concurrent session and emphasized the reality that consumers, “Ignore over 5,000 advertisements each day.” He urged the room to consider the transformational path of “advertising without the ads.” This is an excellent sentiment. Just ask yourself, “Does your brand cut through the white noise and deliver delightful user experiences?”

Insider advice, don’t rely on pure intuition to answer that question. During the closing keynote speech, Spencer Gerrol, CEO of Spark Experience advised, “You can’t assume that people see the same thing that you see. Use research to understand human psychology and human behavior…tie your emotions to your data, and you will take better care of it.” I couldn’t agree more.

HCIC 2015 reinforced the fact that to be transformational, you have to connect everything.

Fall out of love with any one tactic, and fall in love with unexpected delightful brand experiences. Always put your consumer first, and then allow simplicity, authenticity, accessibility and consistency to guide your relationship. I’m optimistic that we will close that 5-year industry lag, and hopeful to see big changes by HCIC 2016.

Let’s take the next step together right here…you’re on the clock.

Written by Brandon Scott

For the past ten years, Brandon has put his skills to use building immersive and engaging digital experiences for client’s brands. A true student of the game, he keeps tabs on the latest trends, understanding how to best integrate cross-platform engagements and knowing how to create brand experiences that resonate with audiences.

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