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The Benefits of Email Automation Baby

June 21, 2016 | Digital

On January 26th at 7:45am, my life changed forever with the birth of our first son, Carter Crew Scott.

For me, fatherhood has been a restless balance of both incredible happiness and absurd anxiety, complete with late nights and little sleep. It amazes me how such a tiny person can leave an army of two adults feeling so worn-out. My wife and I were thrilled to be new parents, yet the daily journey was quickly becoming unsustainable. We needed a better way…

As a Digital Marketing Daddy, Carter has triggered a correlation between raising our son and email automation, in that both require one to think about developing a process.

In terms of our son, we stumbled upon a gem of a book titled “Moms On Call,” and my wife quickly put the plan in motion. The premise is simply the fact that life is most efficient with a routine. We placed Carter on a tight schedule, where we actually wake him up in the morning. We scheduled his naps, nursing, tummy time and tender time. He gets a bath every night, and, from the photo, you can tell he soaks up every minute. Yep, he’s a PUN-ny little dude…and I am beginning to see similarities with the benefits of email automation.

Baby Carter Crew wearing a bunny hat

With a solid strategy and proper execution, email automation is intended to develop a healthy, personal relationship between your brand and every individual recipient. It can even help some of the most overwhelmed healthcare organizations confront the challenges of strategic communications, company culture, accountability, healthcare reform, digital marketing, competitive pressure, physician promotion and proving quality among others. Here are four direct benefits of email automation that you can anticipate:

1. Engagement

Connect or re-connect with past customers, members or patients to keep them engaged. For example, send newborn messages timed for baby age and milestones to new moms and dads. This strategic check-in keeps you connected to your recipients. Always plan content to keep it feeling spontaneous and delightful, instead of predictable and uninteresting.

2. Awareness

Keep your healthcare organization top-of-mind with potential customers by routinely connecting with them – similar to a newsletter, only more personal. When you offer your customers content that will help them even when they aren’t “looking” for help, it reinforces your industry expertise, which provides added value for your recipients.

3. Nurturing

Segment potential customers by health concern and provide relevant, educational and useful information about their concern. This includes creating a workflow that enables you to give them what they want, when they want it. Sometimes, it’s also what they need, when they need it most. For example, Carter’s diet has recently included prune juice to assist with digestion. He needs it, but he doesn’t care for it…then again, who does?

4. Conversion

Ultimately, the most tangible metric of a campaign’s ROI is goal conversion. By building on the blocks mentioned above, you earn the opportunity to ask a prospect to attend an event, request an appointment or make a purchase. Our request was simply a few extra hours of sleeping baby, and Carter has rewarded us with about 10 hours every night.

When you allow the process to work for your brand, then your brand can reap the benefits of email automation. Your patients will trust that you have their best interest at heart when it comes to their overall health and wellness. Likewise, Carter Crew still doesn’t like his prune juice, but hopefully he won’t hold it against his parents in the long run.

Ready to dive in? Make your first move here, and let’s set your email automation baby in action.


Written by Brandon Scott

For the past ten years, Brandon has put his skills to use building immersive and engaging digital experiences for client’s brands. A true student of the game, he keeps tabs on the latest trends, understanding how to best integrate cross-platform engagements and knowing how to create brand experiences that resonate with audiences.

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