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A small community hospital seeks help promoting big league orthopedic care.
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The Situation 

Witham Health Services is a small community hospital located just northwest of the large Indianapolis market. But there’s nothing small about the quality of care they deliver. In fact, they pride themselves in offering access to the experts and advances found at big city hospitals. And when it comes to orthopedics and sports medicine, they provide big league care.

The Insight

It would be an understatement to say their competition was tough. So we strategized to uncover what would help them be a strong contender. After meeting with the orthopedics teams, it was clear that this team was truly unique in their dedication to personally helping each patient at a level that is not present in the Indianapolis market.

The Solution 

The Ten Adams creative team set out to develop a robust campaign to exemplify all the ways people desire to get back to living their active lives.

We hit the ground running to instill the idea of helping people keep on the “Go.”

Witham’s orthopedics and sports medicine program treats people from ages 8 to 80+, so we identified key target demos and aligned them with lifestyle scenarios and the specialties they wished to promote – joint replacement, shoulder and elbow reconstruction, surgical and non-surgical treatments, physical and occupational therapy, and sports medicine. We moved forward tailoring specific messaging messages to maximize their impact in the wide array of traditional and digital mediums.

We made custom photography a reality by taking a highly active role in the production so we could stretch the budget further. At the same time, we filmed physician and specialist videos to showcase Witham’s passionate experts. They told first hand how they deliver the latest treatment options with the highest level of personalized attention. This messaging was showcased on their custom landing page, in social media posts and allowed us to edit unique :30 videos for paid digital advertising. The custom url GoWitham.com made for a memorable call to action in print and direct mail to drive our audience to view this special ortho team. 

Witham Go Bus Wrap
Witham Go Magazine
Witham Go Direct Mail Piece
Witham Go Outdoor Board
Witham Go Facebook Ads
Witham Digital Ads
Witham Go Landing Page

The Result

A slam dunk campaign performance.

All together, the Witham orthopedics and sports medicine campaign not only elevated the entire brand, it powered their “Go” for owning more market share.


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