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Power Up Your Internal Communications Strategy

A regional client needed to communicate a big change in their health benefits to employees.

The situation:  

As a large corporation with employees working in various settings, getting a message to everyone at the same time took an enormous amount of planning. In this instance, the communication hurdle doubled in size due to the complex – and individual – nature of the company choosing to change health insurance plans.   

The insight: 

Remember when we talked about creating synergy between Marketing and Human Resources? If the notion stuck with you but you’re still unsure where to start, look no further than open enrollment! Our work with this client is a great example of two entities generating a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  

Tip #1Start planning early. Your hospital’s competitive benefits package is one of the best tools to attract and retain top talent – especially in today’s job market. To ensure you have time to execute the most successful internal communications strategy for open enrollment, we recommend an early summer kick-off meeting. 

Tip #2: Proactively collaborate. Our client’s Marketing & HR teams combined their knowledge and skills throughout the process. Strategic alignment helped them create a thorough and detailed campaign that simultaneously captured the employees’ attention and urged them to act. It also highlighted the benefits offered by the company and helped deliver on their brand promises.   

The solution: 

Ten Adams developed a multi-channel, highly visual plan to engage all employees in the process of reviewing multiple health insurance products and choosing the best one for their personal situation. To address the complexities of how one product compared to another, our creative team placed special emphasis on the layout of each piece. Blocks of color and chunks of text made the information feel less overwhelming. Infographics and icons provided a secondary way to explain the content. Repeating how to get one-on-one assistance and providing a list of defined acronyms gave employees the tools they needed to make smart choices. Our digital team integrated the look and feel of the assets into a microsite dedicated to enrollment information. This provided employees the opportunity to sign up for various workshops, and review enrollment information.

Goal: Transition 25 employees to a HDHP during open enrollment

The Result

With the help of a strong internal messaging campaign and access to individual assistance from HR, employees understood how to maximize their medical benefits. “Powering up” also led to improved workplace satisfaction rates and reduced the overall cost of health insurance for the company and the employees.


Employees transitioned to a HDHP during open enrollment


increase (164 enrollments) over the expected goal


Dollars in Corporation Health Savings

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