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A physician’s campaign like no other

August 12, 2016 | Strategy
Witham doctor with a patient - Ten Adams

There’s an old saying: you can’t see the forest for the trees.

We often feel healthcare system marketers fall under the same conundrum: sometimes we can’t see the brand for the physicians.

For Witham Health Services, right outside of Indianapolis, we spun this old adage around and unlocked a new point of view. The Ten Adams team partnered with Witham to promote their brand by harnessing the power of their physicians.


Witham’s primary market puts them in the shadow of a downtown Indianapolis academic health center. But rather than acting as an outlying provider, we developed a strategy to help their brand and physicians shine like stars. The position came right out of our Discovery process with Witham – when it comes to delivering outstanding primary and specialty care, Witham’s doctors approachability and dedication to their patients is second to none. This formed the inspiration for our campaign theme “Like No Other.” We began building the brand with broadcast TV to bring to life their physicians welcoming nature and to establish their credibility.

Saying it is one thing. But showing how Witham physicians are truly like no other was the foundation of the campaign. Therefore we utilized a strong call to action to invite the public to meet all their physicians and specialists through video interviews. This link takes you to an enhanced physician search with doctor bio pages that feature each doctor’s interview.

Written by John Gorski

A Chicago native, John brings big-city perspective, a polite Midwestern demeanor and more than 15 years of strategic creative experience to enhance our clients’ brand experiences. He has lent his expertise to academic health centers, health systems, community hospitals and physician networks, building an impressive portfolio of projects that have earned impressive results.

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