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Ooh, Baby — St. Mary’s Baby Lounge Launch is a Success!

March 23, 2016 | Strategy
St Marys Baby Lounge

The St. Mary’s Marketing Team eventually landed on “The Baby Lounge”

For St. Mary’s Health, using social media effectively has huge benefits.

When they embarked on the project of a new, sponsored baby care area for their St. Mary’s Hospital for Women & Children in collaboration with the well-traveled Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana, the marketing team knew they needed to share the idea with the social media world.

They kicked off the momentum on Facebook even before the service launched by hosting a contest asking Facebook fans to help name this new special space.

Over 9K users were reached. And of those reached, 20% engaged and 162 chimed in.


The entries were cute, clever and some downright hilarious. The St. Mary’s Marketing Team eventually landed on “The Baby Lounge”.

When The Baby Lounge opened in early February, the grand opening was complete with aribbon cutting ceremony, and the presence of local media not only captured video and sound bites for their news stories but also reported live via their individual Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A St. Mary’s Facebook post announcing the new #BabyLounge, along with impressive photos of the facility, yielded an incredible reach of 29.6K users. Over 20% of those users engaged, which included more than 1.7K likes – all from just one post.

St. Mary’s also monitored their high-performing post and interacted with nearly all users who left a comment, posted a picture or asked a question.

Although not the primary purpose, this endeavor provided the perfect opportunity to create a viral story about St. Mary’s support of families in the Evansville community. Parents are already taking photos and “checking in” at the Baby Lounge with their baby on social media.

This space not only provides a much-needed service for babies and families, but it’s expanding the reach of the St. Mary’s brand through a viral social media campaign, which is growing the affinity for St. Mary’s Hospital for Women & Children. The Baby Lounge is a huge success for St. Mary’s Health!

Written by Lisa Nelson

Lisa knows how to put clients at ease, knowing she’s on top of every detail of every project. That’s what happens when you’ve been taking care of business for 20 years, anticipating needs and managing day-to-day tasks that lead to monumental progress. From national brands to small hospitals, Lisa has managed it all — and managed it well.

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