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Kettering Brain & Spine

Introducing a new, state-of-the-art Brain & Spine Center.
Brain + Spine

Strategy first powers top-of-mind creative.

Coordination with a third-party vendor was essential to completing a specific consumer research study to uncover insights into the current state of consumer awareness, perception, preference and image of the Brain & Spine service line.

With our new insights in hand, we developed a new brand promise to power our creative direction: “Passionately striving to reach new heights in treating and serving every patient, in every appointment, every time.” Our creative revolved around Kettering’s devotion to helping consumers “Reach new heights” with positive outcomes.

Play Brain + Spine

Executing an omni-channel approach.

Each medium conveyed an aspect of the “Reach new heights” messaging. Broadcast TV and web video featured lifestyle vignettes of the key target demographics enjoying the benefits of Kettering’s care. Outdoor, digital display and video ads showcased individual moments tied to key service line features. 

Facebook carousel ads, campaign landing page, website service line page enhancements, email blasts, direct mail and physician referral materials took a highly targeted approach in pushing our message out to key target segments. We also supplied webpage enhancements featuring rewritten, SEO-friendly content to improve connecting with potential patients.


Brain + Spine Billboard

Brain & Spine Landing Page

Kettering Mobile Facebook Carousel 

The Result

A strong launch and powerful follow through.

With a highly accelerated timeline, we were able to bring Kettering Health Network some pretty powerful results.


Campaign Impressions


Campaign Calls


Campaign Form Fills


Increase in Site Traffic Quarter Over Quarter

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