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Building an impressive brand inside out.

December 23, 2016 | Branding
UT Health logo - Ten Adams

A university, a health system and a whole lot more…the new UT Health San Antonio.

As big as Texas, and then some.

From the University president to part-time techs, deans to new students, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio faced the enormous challenge of evolving their brand. They needed to capture and unite the power of 10,000 people when it came to introducing their new name: UT Health San Antonio.

For a year, the Ten Adams team has played an instrumental role in leading research to determine the University’s perception and brand positioning, and also in shaping a strategic direction to transform the UT Health San Antonio brand into a regional and national player.

Rolling out a campaign to unite all

It was going to be a big move; a new way of looking at who they are and where they need to be. Working in concert with their marketing team, we executed a plan to unify the many people and faces of their organization as one.

We developed a robust internal campaign utilizing a microsite, posters, t-shirts, buttons, e-mail blasts, direct mail and more. Our objective was to build up to a brand launch celebration and then sustain the new brand’s energy for up-and-coming consumer facing communications.


Building momentum can be fun.

It was key that every internal voice, from top to bottom, be aware of why the UT Health San Antonio brand was evolving. In addition, we wanted everyone to be able to take ownership and communicate the new brand story. So from the start, a very spirited and grassroots approach was taken to get our message out.

Photo mockup of Ten Adams - UT Health cornhole board

Creating advocates begins with empowering ambassadors.

We enlisted key staff members across their organization to become brand ambassadors, and armed them with information sheets, branded shirts and shareable swag. Each ambassador would propel the new brand within his/her team, organically growing the UT Health San Antonio brand story.

Photo mockup of UT Health postcard by Ten Adams

Energize everyone!

We supported our ambassadors with direct mail, e-mail blasts and posters. Everything worked to build up to a week of internal launch activities and celebrations that stretched across all their campuses and facilities. We wanted everyone to take part and spread the excitement of a new and positive future they were a part of.


UT Health assets 1
UT Health assets 2

Grow awareness. Swell pride.

We saw building the new UT Health San Antonio brand as a marathon and not a sprint. That’s why we started with the very people who live it each day. With multiple touch points, and a free-flow of brand information and interactive activities, we enabled the marketing team to achieve a remarkable level of new brand adoption inside their organization. As we see it, promoting a brand internally is a critical step to ensure an even higher level of success.

Ten Adams - UT Health

What’s it like rolling out a new brand launch to 10,000 stakeholders? Pretty amazing!

It truly was a collaborative effort across both Ten Adams and the UT Health San Antonio marketing team. From planning and concepting, to coordinating executions across multiple teams and departments, we all worked as one, bringing the multi-faceted, internal campaign to life. Want to see and hear more? We’d love to share, just click here to connect with Jon or Jennifer.

Written by Kris Laufer

With impeccable instincts, Kris brings that rare combination of creative and logic to Ten Adams, with a strategic-minded focus that guides every creative decision. With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, Kris, an Addy® Silver Medalist, has led our team to produce a portfolio of work that has won serious hardware and the respect of our clients.

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