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Building A Digital Experience

How patient feedback inspired a new website for Deaconess Health System.

Understand the user to build the experience. 

A deep investigation into their website performance helped us clearly understand how users were interacting with content. Heatmaps, analytics and other methodologies revealed our key roadblocks, while a user survey was conducted to help us prioritize the most critical areas of improvement. Less than 1% of all pages constituted for 52% of all traffic – coupled with 3,300 total pages, and 40% of those filled with duplicate content. 

  • Better information architecture and overall UX design
  • Unravel the content strategy
  • More transactional and allow for future expansion

We conducted a user survey to supplement direction and address priority items for the development.

deaconess.com homepage before redesign
“The website is too busy, too many buttons and too difficult to find what you want. It needs to be clean and easy to use.” – Survey Participant

Once we compiled the findings from our audit, Ten Adams led a Digital Discovery Session with over 50 members of Deaconess leadership. We used this focused time together to identity and solidify our key business goals, audience segments, user acquisition journeys and outcomes — unifying our vision for the Deaconess digital experience.

Using our consumer data, analytic insights and survey feedback, we developed user personas to help guide the design of a personalized experience for each of the diverse users of Deaconess.com, which led to a key strategic solution: a self-identified ‘For You’ option upfront for visitors — guiding them to the content most relevant to their needs, intentions and expectations.


A different Deaconess…

An Instagram-like visual approach was used for our featured content, which can be curated to deliver a personalized gallery of content based on user data.

deaconess.com on an imac

Our overall client experience has been great. Ten Adams has helped us focus on the future of consumerism in healthcare.

Bill Donnelly, Deaconess
Deaconess Health System Logo

The Result

A digital experience that rivals the reality.

The new and improved content structure of Deaconess.com now offers easy access to providers, locations, services and scheduling from any device, offering an online experience that finally lives up to the reality of the patient experience. The site was recently deployed using the Kentico CMS and is already earning recognition on a national scale.

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