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Advancing the power of academic medicine – Augusta University Health

May 10, 2016 | Branding
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In our first round, we swung in to assess their perception with consumers...

Every year the world looks to Augusta, Georgia to see who will rise as the master of the city’s famed golf course.

And just a short drive away, one of the nation’s elite academic health centers recently looked to master their evolving brand and champion their market ranking.

Founded upon the Medical College of Georgia — one of our country’s oldest and largest medical schools — the esteemed southern college formerly known as Georgia Regents University has now evolved to become the newly named Augusta University. To help introduce their health system’s new brand name — Augusta University Health — they called in the branding pros: Ten Adams.

In our first round, we swung in to assess their perception with consumers—and their internal audience. For those in the know, academic health centers provide a level of care beyond compare. Unfortunately, these advantages were not top of mind. At the same time, their brand faced an aggressive competitor who played a tough game. So we evaluated our approach quickly and hit upon a strategy to help us drive our way up the leader board.

We began our play capturing the pillars of an academic health center in a “what’s in it for me” way (for a consumer and a team member). To build a strong foundation for the new Augusta University Health brand, we’d start right off with creating an overall theme to capture what their brand brought to all.

More than a tagline, “Advancing the Power of You” acts as a rally cry for all the possibilities academic medicine brings to life and the impressive benefits it offers. For Augusta University Health’s internal audience, “Advancing the Power of You” recognizes and speaks to how the benefits of academic medicine enables each team member to deliver their best. For consumers, the theme line communicates the organization’s passion and commitment to harnessing the advantage of academic medicine to improve the quality of life of each person they serve.

To expertly tee up the launch, and build brand momentum with the employees across multiple departments and centers, we worked with Augusta University Health’s marketing team to communicate the marketing strategy through a poster, stand-alone invitation and reminder cards for a multi-session rollout event.

We kicked off the event with an internal brand launch video, then followed it with a preview of all the integrated campaign tactics. To make it more than a presentation, we dialed up audience participation by handing out branded glow sticks to encourage and energize team members’ excitement.

Outside the auditorium, team members were encouraged to interact with elements of the new brand and one another. “#PowerofYou” was created for everyone to share and post images of their enthusiasm and pride on social sharing networks.

Shortly after we launched the external brand campaign with a big media rollout. The new Augusta University Health brand was unveiled with a television commercial during the 2016 Superbowl. A second television spot continued our push to get the word out and help position Augusta University Health as a place for care like no other.

As Augusta University Health delivers the region an important advantage in just about every aspect of care, the look and feel of all campaign elements reflected and supported it. A bold brand color and unique visual treatments were developed to help express the distinct strengths and benefits of academic medicine, while conveying a sense of warmth and compassion. The high art of science and one-on-one care were melded together to create a strong and emotional impression to help the message and the brand stand apart from all competitors.

Simultaneously, outdoor, digital and print executions thrusted the brand forward. Carrying over the signature brand color, we developed layouts that featured the confident face of a person who stands empowered. Behind them we show the face of the caregivers who stand in support of each person they treat. Multiple executions help to convey all the different possibilities of how the power of academic medicine at Augusta University is solely focused on enabling the people of Augusta to live life to the fullest.

Since day one of the campaign launch, the new brand has rekindled a sense of pride. Inside Augusta University, the campaign is helping to rally team members to see themselves as part of something bigger than a single department, but as one organization working to improve care and change the world one person at a time. The men and women of Augusta are now getting a true sense of the remarkable organization that belongs to their community — one that is uniquely dedicated to advancing health.

Written by Lisa Nelson

Lisa knows how to put clients at ease, knowing she’s on top of every detail of every project. That’s what happens when you’ve been taking care of business for 20 years, anticipating needs and managing day-to-day tasks that lead to monumental progress. From national brands to small hospitals, Lisa has managed it all — and managed it well.

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