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Advancing a cancer center – and building a system’s brand.

December 20, 2016 | Branding
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It was a big year for Augusta University.

We launched their new academic health system name, Augusta University Health, and ushered in their integrated brand campaign. And we didn’t stop there. Today, we’re building even more momentum by rebranding their cancer center.


Introducing the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University. This hidden gem is home to one of the finest centers in the southeast – and progressively working to become a NCI designated cancer center. Surprisingly, it has been one of Georgia’s best-kept secrets. With our help, though, they’re now letting everyone know it in a big way.


Building brand bridges

Augusta University Health’s awareness and positioning is seeing positive growth. Our goal was to bring their cancer center and health system to new heights. So we looked at their brand with a holistic approach. We put the power of academic medicine at our core. It’s the foundation that connects all service lines, and which the cancer center elevated with a commanding advantage.

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Broadcast captured the emotion of the brand

Life-affirming imagery was a key element in our brand communications. After all, expressing how Augusta University Health empowers people is at the center of their brand. So we drew upon visuals that captured the moments of life in cinematic grandeur. A duo-tone color treatment linked the cancer center and health system brands together.

Simple and powerful digital ads ran across paid and social platforms. 

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First to the punch

When it comes to cancer care, the first course of treatment makes a difference. The Georgia Cancer Center provides a level of expertise and care beyond compare – and is on par with many of the nation’s finest centers. So we took advantage of this fact and put it at the heart of our campaign

Short, sweet and right to the point, we imbued every message with compelling “see us first” language. Every communication highlighted a powerful proof point of the one-of-a-kind benefits found at the Georgia Cancer Center.

Powerful calls to action

From print to outdoor to digital, each communication featured our strong call to action. The headline conveyed an amazing attribute of the cancer center, giving you the very reason why you need to see them first. It was key to their strategy that we establish that Augusta University is Georgia’s center for cancer care. After all, it is here where the power of research, innovation and teaching are combined into life-changing options.

Advancing the power of Augusta University Health

Today, the Augusta University Health and Georgia Cancer Center brands are working together to support and build each other. And each is poised to enhance their preference, build volumes and extend their reputations. For us at Ten Adams, that’s the true power of a well-crafted and executed brand.

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Written by Lisa Nelson

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