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Recovery Texas

Campaign Engages Thousands of Patients in Need of Care.


Identifying the Need

Recovery Texas, a state-funded substance use disorder assistance program led by UT Health San Antonio, aimed to connect high-risk Texans with the help they needed free of charge. Ten Adams partnered with Recovery Texas to launch a 4-month campaign to reach as many Texans as possible and support a milestone goal of 1,000 patients treated.

Campaign Goals

  • Educate target demographics on the Recovery Texas substance use disorder assistance program
  • Position Recovery Texas as a compassionate and reliable resource for high-risk Texans with SUD
  • Optimize the Recovery Texas website
  • Generate 40,000 consumer touches, including impressions, surveys completed, and calls completed

The Challenge

The core challenges for UT Health San Antonio and Recovery Texas included:

  • 21 million Americans have an addiction, but only 10% of them get treatment
  • Limited resources for assistance and treatment for SUD in Texas, resulting in a waitlist of weeks or more
  • Quick and efficient outreach to connect with those seeking help
  • Reaching indigent, non-insured adults in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Laredo, and El Paso
  • Overcoming the stigma and shame surrounding substance use disorders
  • Convincing high-risk Texans to seek help through Recovery Texas



Keys to Success

  • Develop a straightforward messaging strategy that resonates with high-risk Texans and encourages them to seek help through Recovery Texas
  • Leverage an integrated campaign to reach the target demographics within San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Laredo, and El Paso
  • Utilize geolocation data to target key audiences by proximity and drive traffic to an optimal page to streamline the acquisition process
  • Track and report on key performance indicators, including consumer touches, impressions, surveys completed, calls completed, and patients treated to ensure campaign goals are being met

UT Health Recovery Texas website


UT Health Recovery Texas website on mobile device


UT Health Recovery Texas signage


UT Health Recovery Texas print ad



The Results

Recovery Texas reached 40,000 Texans in need of substance use disorder treatment.



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