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We help organizations like yours tackle their most difficult business challenges through better strategy and creative. Sign-up and grab a seat, this is one of the smartest moves you will make for your organization.

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What is a Brainpower Hour?

Pulling from our team of creatives, media experts, account executives, strategists and digital gurus, we like to think of Ten Adams as a MacGyver of sorts—the tool that can work through nearly any problem. It’s a chance to put our brains to the test—at no charge—to tackle a painful business challenge that’s putting a wrench in your growth. Try us! 

How to Prepare. 

It may seem daunting—but that’s not our style. Cool and calm. Send us any background information available to allow our team to begin focusing on the issue at hand. Metrics, slide decks or simply a few paragraphs of background as to what has or has not worked, it’s all we need. Do have a few questions ready for us on the call—we’ll take it from there. 

Not Ready to Commit Just Yet? 

Don’t think of it is as commitment, we like being friends first anyways. We would love to discuss what we can provide through a Brainpower Hour to make sure it is a good fit for the both of us. It is a fun experience that we really enjoy—listening and responding. Give Jennifer Horton, VP Strategy, a call to discuss and answer any questions you may have—812.253.6311. 

About Ten Adams

Ten Adams is a healthcare branding, marketing + advertising agency. We are strategists and creatives that transform business challenges into powerful brand experiences for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Relax. We know healthcare.