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Ten Adams is the award-winning team of healthcare strategists and creatives, ready to help you win.

You Already Have

Enough To Do

Let’s face it. Healthcare marketers are spread too thin. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Reinforce Your Team

Get all the support you need with our dedicated marketing and branding strategists.

Streamline Your Marketing

We’ll design a start-to-finish marketing plan that basically does the work for you.

Eliminate The Guesswork

With Ten Adams, you can stop wondering which marketing efforts are worth your time.

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Help You Win.

You’ve got enough to do on your own.
You deserve a team of experts in your corner.

35 Years of Expertise

100% Healthcare Focused

1000% Obsessed With Your Success

3 Steps To

Build Something Great, Together

You Don’t Need Another Vendor.

You Need A Partner.

At Ten Adams, we’re equipped like no other agency to add value to your team, not replace it.

Whether you’re a team of twenty or a department that’s more like a dynamic duo, you need more. But you need the right kind of more. More support for your goals. More strategy for your vision. More manpower for your creative, and more confidence in your delivery. At Ten Adams, we help our partners identify the weak links in their marketing communications delivery, and work as the bond to strengthen the chain of lifesaving messaging needed by your communities. Ready for more?

If you’ve worked with an agency before, let us tell you how we’re different. If you’ve never worked with an agency before, let us tell you how we’re essential. We understand that a new partnership takes effort, and we’re 100% committed. We work within your team, adding brainpower, and empowering your people with decades of experience.

Why Healthcare Focused

Other agencies keep up with the trends in manufacturing widgets, or can speak to the market fluctuations in agriculture, or study the latest in household goods. We can’t, but we’re pretty proud of that. We have one focus, one expertise, one driving thirst for knowledge. Only healthcare. We know it. We breathe it. And that’s your focus, too. With that hunger comes a deep knowledge of consumer decision making behavior and total body wellness, that shape our approach to healthcare communications. For inspiration, we look beyond our silos and bring exciting new tactics to explore and apply to the changing models of reimbursement, care communication and unique personalities of specialty care.

Why We Make Cents

We get it. Budget season isn’t fun, and making those budgets perform is a lot of work. Partnering with an agency means an investment. But, it’s a good investment. We help our clients navigate budgets and fiscal planning, working with our partners to offer a scalable plan with executions that add value and drive revenue. There’s a reason our clients have been working with us for years (some decades!). We continuously add value to the team, so if affordability is a concern, give us a chance to show you how we enhance the effort of your team and even make friends with your CFO. We’re a whole health system type of partner, and we know that means we need to make sense for every decision maker. We prioritize quality over quibbling, so let’s see what we can do to help. No waste, only winning.

Why We’re the Right Fit for You

If you’re still reading, it’s probably because you’re invested in the healthcare space. You may have even looked through our portfolio of work and listened to testimonials from our existing clients. But if you’re concerned that you may not see a health system that’s exactly like the one you serve, listen up. That’s why we’re exactly the right fit for you. We carefully balance our work across hospitals of all sizes and scopes, working with single specialty practices or large academic medical centers. Odds are, if you don’t see a center like yours, it’s because we’re saving a spot just for you. Let us show you how you fit perfectly into the Ten Adams family, and we’ll be a great part of yours.

We don’t take our role lightly. In the realm of healthcare strategy, oftentimes our clients come to us with life-and-death decisions. And while every industry is important, the delivery of wellness and wellbeing to which our clients dedicate their lives enhances the viability of their communities. Each line of copy, sharp strategy, camera angle and text message we help curate and craft with our partners is meant to improve the quality of life, and we think that’s pretty awesome. We’re honored by the trust our clients allow and their partnership we share. Let’s get to work. Let’s explore the power of your care and the personality of your promise.

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