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Scott Laugel

Creative Services
Scott Laugel, Creative Services — Ten Adams

I Believe…

Merging creativity and technology into meaningful experiences is challenging - and when accomplished - very rewarding.
Scott is proof that nice guys make the best designers — and the best teammates. Because he’s the one you can always count on to pitch in, no matter what. Scott’s collaborative spirit, easygoing attitude and reliable instincts have made him invaluable to the Ten Adams team, as he consistently delivers creative that is flawlessly executed, never (ever!) late and always 100% on target.
What are the last three songs you listened to?
  • Rock with You – Michael Jackson
  • Round Here – Florida Georgia Line
  • What ifs – Kane Brown
Name three things you’re really bad at.

Basketball, baseball, golf – basically anything with a ball

If you were a Major League Baseball player, what would your at-bat song be?

Another one bites the dust

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? Cape or no cape?

I really thought I was Superman when I was little – so… cape, of course.

What is your favorite office machine?

Coffee Maker

What does the Power of Ten mean to you?

Being a part of something bigger; to push boundaries and create meaningful experiences.