Ten Adams

Kris Laufer

VP Creative
Kris Laufer, Creative Services — Ten Adams

I Believe…

“Creativity isn't something you're just born with. It's a skill that needs to be nurtured + developed.”
With impeccable instincts, Kris brings that rare combination of creative and logic to Ten Adams, with a strategic-minded focus that guides every creative decision. With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, Kris, an Addy® Silver Medalist, has led our team to produce a portfolio of work that has won serious hardware and the respect of our clients.
What are the last three songs you listened to?

Liquefied — This track starts out with ambient bells which are later joined by a relaxed, mid-tempo drum groove and jazzy upright bass. Odd, different, quirky and imaginative…

Romantica — Short track with a smooth and slow swing-jazz sound. Cosy and homely. (actual spelling on website!)

Surf Ballroom — Soft and smooth, live acoustic jazz. Very slow tempo, brush drums, upright bass, piano and vibraphone — gotta love the vibraphone! (Trying to find stock music for background music on a client campaign rollout video.)

What was the first concert you ever went to?

The Christmas Concert at Washington Elementary School.

Name three things you’re really bad at.

Keeping my desk clean, gymnastics, shaving the back of my legs.

What does the Power of Ten mean to you?

Growing up, my brother and I called raisins in the mini-packs our ‘power pills’ — we would pretend that when we ate a raisin it gave us special powers. I believe that partnering with Ten Adams is like that mini-pack of raisins in that we can bring a variety of powers to different areas of an organization.