Ten Adams

Jennifer Horton

VP Strategy + Account Services
Jennifer Horton, Strategy — Ten Adams

I Believe…

“Strategy is a wonderful bridge that takes us from where we are now and what we know, safely over obstacles and uncertainty, to where we desire to be.”
Jennifer is a strategic problem-solver with 20 years of experience strategizing in for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare systems. She simplifies complex healthcare problems, breaking them down into manageable goals to achieve our clients’ large-scale dreams, all while expertly navigating corporate structures and keeping all players engaged along the way. 
Three Things you are really bad at.
  • Giving up. When I take something on I am determined to see it through.
  • Riding horses. Ok, that doesn’t seem like a bad thing, except that we raise quarter horses and my husband is a competitive team roper and has ridden since he could walk.
  • Drawing, but it doesn’t stop me from trying when I am trying to explain a concept. I just use lots of stick people and boxes.
Favorite movie?

Meatballs. My best friend and I watched it so many times on TV we could just about quote the whole thing. I think I love the movie so much because it reminds me of those carefree years of being a kid, spending unlimited time with friends and everything was possible.

What does the Power of Ten mean to you?

Having worked in healthcare for so long, I really love the expression of “You, to the power of 10.” Ten Adams is able to leverage the strengths of our clients and their team and exponentially add value through intelligent tools, amazing creativity, strategic insights and deep knowledge of the healthcare industry.

The next step…

If you have questions, or would like to connect, feel free to schedule a conversation, or call me directly at 812-253-6311.