Ten Adams

Ellen VanRoyen

Account Services
Ellen VanRoyen, Account Services — Ten Adams

I Believe…

“You want it, we’re on it. We’re fast, smart, approachable + a whole mess of fun. We exist to make life easier for our clients.”
Ellen knows a thing or two about endurance. A lifelong marathoner, her dedication and discipline have made her an incredible asset to our clients over the past 15 years, as the key contact in their strategic planning and day-to-day business. Ellen helps our clients stay on course, leading them with the endurance to finish strong.
What noise do you love? What noise do you hate?

I love the sound of rocks rubbing against each other as the ocean tide goes out.
 I hate the sound of finger/toenail clipping, ICK.

Favorite movie quote?

“Have fun storming the castle.” The Princess Bride

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

My Sunday evening dessert—low fat ice cream, topped with a cookie, sliced banana, and chocolate syrup. Enjoyed in peace and quiet (after the kids are in bed) and usually watching the food network.

What does the Power of Ten mean to you?

The “Power of Ten” is an extraordinary level of teamwork where the capabilities of each person are magnified bringing incredible value and creativity to our clients.