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Account Executive

On January 7, 2021
Ten Adams is Hiring

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."

Robert Collier

The primary responsibility of the Account Executive is to develop strong integrated marketing strategies for their clients and projects, as well as manage the consistent execution of strategies throughout these lifecycles. Responsible for balancing strategic quality and budgets, the AE works closely with all departments to ensure that campaigns and priority projects are executed on-time, on-budget and on-quality.

The AE communicates regularly with their clients about high-level topics, including campaign and priority project strategy, as well as budget conversations (e.g. strategy briefs, creative presentations, change orders or out of scope requests). The AE can clearly articulate Ten Adams’ service offerings and capabilities, allowing them to support the Account Director in consistent up-selling and cross-selling in their accounts.

Education and Experience

  • 7+ years of Account Management experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or equivalent experience
  • Marketing agency experience
  • Experience providing strong brand stewardship for clients throughout programs/campaigns
  • Experience in growing client relationships
  • Experience developing integrated marketing plans + budgets aligned with client’s business objectives

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Thorough knowledge of agency capabilities/offerings
  • Skilled in developing client proposals and SOWs
  • Skilled in developing program/campaign goals and benchmarking
  • Skilled in successfully managing clients through programs with multiple complex projects
  • Skilled in program/campaign and project financial management and analysis
  • Skilled in developing complex programs/campaigns with demonstrable ROI
  • Skilled in leadership of integrated strategy throughout programs/campaigns/projects
  • Demonstrated ability to provide strategic leadership to solve client business objectives


  • Demonstrates a pervasive knowledge of core agency service offerings/capabilities
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of campaign architecture and estimate structures
  • Ensures successful client onboarding (using onboarding checklist)
  • Ensures approval of high-level budgets and timelines for Marketing Plans
  • Ensures central strategic direction solves client’s business objectives for clients
  • Oversees client campaign planning + integration
  • Maintains working knowledge of their clients’ industry/segment
  • Maintains specific knowledge of clients and their consumer profiles
  • Maintains specific knowledge of clients’ competitors
  • Manages out of scope requests at project level
  • Manages campaign + priority project budgets
  • Facilitates weekly client-facing status meeting (strategy)
  • Serves as primary business owner for both client and internal account teams for all elements relative to clients
  • Cultivates relationships with clients at management level (e.g., Marketing Manager)
  • Develops ongoing strategic recommendations that solve business objectives for clients, above and beyond contracted client engagement
  • Ensures successful execution of client engagements
  • Owns client communication (money or campaign related)
  • Manages account satisfaction for clients
  • Collaborates with Creative team to ensure that creative execution remains on strategy and provides strong brand stewardship
  • Effectively presents, sells and defends integrated agency campaign work to clients
  • Manages campaign + priority project profitability
  • Manages existing client revenue goals and projections for clients
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the dynamics and workings of the client’s competition
  • Maintains professional internal and external relationships that meet company core values
  • Other duties, as assigned

Job Type: Full-Time 

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