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Strategy takes center stage in changing the mindset of a community.
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A clear vision, backed by definite plans.

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Ten Adams has a reputation of our own—as change agents, experts in altering perceptions of entire communities. We were excited for the Trinity Health challenge and the chance to lead the organization through a brand performance process, aimed to overcome the community hospital mindset. But it took more than putting our nose to the grindstone; it took partnering—in a big way—with Trinity to deliver a sustainable brand strategy for leaders to adopt, own and evolve. Equally important, we felt responsible for shoring up a health system for the long haul in the wake of community hospital closures across the nation.

In order to handoff a workable plan, we focused on five key areas with measurable goals:


Established our team as an extension of Trinity’s marketing & communications and HR departments to understand daily challenges, open communication, ease reporting, and most importantly—gain trust.


In discovery, we assessed Trinity’s business challenges, leverage points, service line performance and market opportunities through research and mapping. We framed priorities up into a two year strategic plan, putting the board, leadership and marketing on active duty for brand warfare.


It became crystal clear that unclear communication across the system was hindering their growth. The community’s low perception of Trinity’s care was from lack of knowledge of the expertise behind the Trinity brand. Not only was the misperception affecting patient growth, it internally affected morale, recruitment and overall culture. Trinity is part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, yet this partnership, and its benefits, were virtually unknown across the region. Trinity was home to the region’s top specialists handling a diverse range of medical cases with a large Air Force base nearby. All arrows were pointing to the need for a strong brand platform, streamlined brand architecture, a brand refresh, improved system communication, and recruitment marketing to build engagement for the Trinity brand.


Data indicated indifference in community perception, but that did not match Trinity’s personalized level of care. An added challenge—Trinity’s industry ratings needed tending. As we improved employee & physician connectivity, we saw an increase in attendance at community events. A proactive reputation management program boosted Trinity’s Google ratings and star struck leaders now know the value of investing in online conversations.


Driving strategic growth for Trinity was a multi-prong approach. Long term growth was co-dependent on short term recommendations, but the need to build brand consistency through identity, architecture and voice had to start from the onset for adoption and use in order for all Trinity team members to deliver great patient experiences.

The brand strategy has led to the development of new internal communication protocols, powerful recruitment tools, and engaging consumer touchpoints including an all-new website to roll out Trinity Health’s renewed brand.

The Result

Strategy in action

To be effective, strategy must always lead to action, and we’re pleased to report that the Trinity Health strategic plan is now being implemented over a two-year period with action items aligned to our brand strategy. Service line campaigns are in full swing with an emphasis on Trinity’s Mayo Care Clinic Network partnership. A new 285 bed Trinity medical center is under construction, bringing more advanced treatments. And brand identity, language and protocols are imbedded in all directions—top down, bottom up, and across services—driving the power of the Trinity Health brand throughout the region.

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