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Leveraging Your Providers to Grow Your Market Share

May 18, 2018 | Growth
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Online videos bring a personal touch to the consideration phase of a patient’s journey.

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Large health systems often struggle with increasing awareness in their community about the individual providers that touch the lives of locals each day. We found with Witham Medical Group, even smaller community-based organizations are struggling with this same hurdle. Hometown pride is something shared nationwide, in large cities and rural communities alike. And in healthcare, knowing that your provider shares the same values, cares about your collective community, and has a passion for making positive change locally, can hold a lot of weight for prospective patients on their decision-making journey.


A personal experience is typically limited to the interactions that take place within your facility. But, in this day and age, prospective patients are looking for more information before actually committing to making an appointment. With search engines, online reviews and social media, it is no longer an option to wait to engage your prospective patients until they are in walls of your organization and at the hands of your providers. It’s crucial patients get to know the providers and learn the values, passions and expertise your organization offers before they make the appointment.

With Witham specifically, there was a struggle to connect the employed providers with the hospital in the minds of the community. There was public confusion not only about their affiliations, but also about specialties and quality of care. Ten Adams saw this as an opportunity to leverage each physician’s individuality for the greater good of the organization.


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A cost effective and highly targeted approach was taken to create warm professional provider videos and to leverage the videos across social media platforms. The campaign was hyper local with easy sharability and clear engagement metrics. Each video gives the prospective patient an opportunity to learn more about the provider profiled and the opportunity to learn about their specialties, experiences and passions before even walking in the door. In addition to social media, the videos were placed on the Witham “Find a Provider” section, allowing anyone searching for a specific provider in any specialty the opportunity to view the video and quickly learn more about who they were considering.

On Facebook alone, Witham's provider videos have been viewed over 80,000 times since the campaign launch in 2016, with an average monthly reach of over 10.1k.
Written by Jennifer Horton

Jennifer is a strategic problem-solver with 20 years of experience strategizing in for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare systems. She simplifies complex healthcare problems, breaking them down into manageable goals to achieve our clients’ large-scale dreams, all while expertly navigating corporate structures and keeping all players engaged along the way.

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