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Beyond Great Heart Care – Great River Cardiology

March 15, 2016 | Branding

...the care available at Great River is anything but small.

Big hearts deserve exceptional care.

Great River Health Systems is a 378-bed regional medical center serving a three-state region surrounding West Burlington, Iowa. A small city by most standards. But the care available at Great River is anything but small. And the Great River Cardiology program is no exception, providing an impressively sophisticated level of heart care that extends beyond great — care that has made an indelible mark on the lives of patients throughout the region.

The Great River Cardiology program has been built by a dedicated team of cardiologists and staff combined with an unyielding commitment to providing the latest advances in heart care. But Great River Cardiology has taken heart care to the next level by making access to that care as easy as possible for patients — which includes same-day appointments and even same-day cardiac testing. And while Great River Cardiology is held in very high regard throughout the region, prospective patients were unaware of these conveniences available to them. We needed to build awareness of accessible heart care, while also clearly communicating the 24/7 availability of the cardiac team. It was our job to communicate to patients that while their hearts are hard at work, so is Great River Cardiology. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Ten Adams developed a service line campaign that focused on these concepts of same-day appointments and testing, as well as 24/7 availability, all communicated via the exceptional Great River Cardiology team. We developed a 30-second television spot that showcased the team in action using a blend of visual approaches — including still photography, stop-motion animation, even time-lapse — to tell the Great River Cardiology story. We rounded out the campaign with print ads, radio, outdoor and digital ads to extend the reach of our message.

The result was a beautiful campaign that showcased the team behind the promise of exceptional, accessible heart care. And the process was a special one for us as well, as we got to spend a day in the life of one very incredible heart team providing care that extends the lives of patients — and that extends the Great River brand well beyond great.

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Written by Lisa Nelson

Lisa knows how to put clients at ease, knowing she’s on top of every detail of every project. That’s what happens when you’ve been taking care of business for 20 years, anticipating needs and managing day-to-day tasks that lead to monumental progress. From national brands to small hospitals, Lisa has managed it all — and managed it well.

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