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6 reasons why you should be sending a wellness email campaign

January 19, 2016 | Digital
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Now, more than ever, wellness marketing matters.

That’s because with all the changes that have been made to our healthcare system, your hospital will be rewarded financially if you can keep your patients healthy. “Population health” isn’t just a buzzword. In fact, it’s the blueprint of how to keep your community well — and your hospital financially stable.

Here’s why you should consider developing a wellness email campaign:

Email is still effective. 

We know you love tweeting, posting, liking and sharing, but don’t forget about sending. That’s because 91 percent of consumers check their email at least once a day. Are you reaching them? Done right, your emails can hit your target audience and could help prove a marketing campaign’s ROI. Need some inspiration? Take a look at these 12 examples of top marketing emails.

You don’t have to talk about hospital stuff. 

Hate to break it to you, but nobody really wants to come to your hospital. Surgeries? Doctors? Waiting? No, thanks. But what if you changed the conversation? With wellness emails, you could show off your farmer’s market, your new gym for the community or share healthy recipes.

You’ll get a chance to experiment. 

With email, you can experiment with A/B testing. You can change the subject lines, timing and calls to action. You can even experiment with sending out the email to different patient groups (diabetic patients vs. expecting moms). Once you gather this data of which email did “the best,” this could help you figure out how to launch bigger wellness campaigns in the future.

It’s easy to measure. 

With every email you send, you should have a call to action within it. Are you sending people back to your blog? A new microsite? A special phone number? Wherever you decide to send people, you can easily look at the analytics to find out where people went.

Stay current. 

Let’s say there’s a new study that just came out about broccoli that you want your patients to know about. If you’ve got a dietitian on hand, you can quickly push out an email, with quotes from him or her. When you share updated news with your patients, you’re showing that you’re a trusted resource for the community.

Build community. 

Being on an email list is a way to make people feel like they are part of your wellness community. You can make them feel like they are “in the know” with special prizes or events that are exclusive just for them. In addition, an email is a great way to introduce new wellness-centered doctors or initiatives to a group of readers who you’ve helped make passionate about their own health.

Learn how we can help you send one of those, “I have to read this now!” emails.

Written by Brandon Scott

For the past ten years, Brandon has put his skills to use building immersive and engaging digital experiences for client’s brands. A true student of the game, he keeps tabs on the latest trends, understanding how to best integrate cross-platform engagements and knowing how to create brand experiences that resonate with audiences.

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