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10% Secret Webinar

Put a little power behind your plan with the 10% Secret.

Free Webinar

Thursday, February 7th | 1 pm CST

Are you a part-time firefighter — when you should be a full-time marketer? Does your day consist of putting out fires? Of an endless stream of requests for ads, brochures, posters, invites and other marketing materials from directors, doctors and administrators? Does your day feel like a flurry of activity that offers little in the way of actual progress?

It’s time we set our priorities straight.

Ten Adams has a secret — The 10% Secret — here to help you put a stop to the madness so you can start working your plan. Join us for our free webinar on Thursday, February 7th. And let’s make your workday matter.

And, as official power planners, all attendees will receive their very own 10% Secret Planner to help stay on track and achieve those goals.


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Ten Adams is a healthcare branding, marketing + advertising agency. We are strategists and creatives that transform business challenges into powerful brand experiences for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Relax. We know healthcare.