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10 Fresh Ideas to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2020

August 29, 2020 | Engagement
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We know it's a strange time, but we've come up with a list of tactics to highlight the passion and emotion of awareness months.

Awareness months and recognition in a time of COVID

From Alzheimer’s to Women’s Health, recognizing the people and heroes of illness, wellness and prevention has spurred awareness months for hundreds of organizations and advocacy groups. Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers have followed suit, taking part in those monthly recognitions. But how do wellness months that typically generate in-person events, shared meals and community gatherings translate in a time when such things are not recommended or advised?

From the first weeks of the crisis, healthcare marketers have gotten creative. Teams went into action planning virtual events, alternative communication strategies and new ways to engage communities ensuring safety and the continuity of important health and wellness information. Now months in, brainpower is still needed to keep ideas fresh, communities active and important messaging disseminated at a steady pace.

As October nears, the desire to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness remains despite the evolving Coronavirus crisis. We’ve come up with a list of tactics to highlight the passion and emotion of this important awareness month.

10 Fresh Ideas to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2020

  1. Pink Masks branded with your hospital or health system’s logo. This one seems obvious, but how could you not?
  2. Order pink ribbon yard signs that can be sold for a fundraiser and then placed around town. This big bright visual will spread cheer and awareness as fall approaches.
  3. Using those same yard signs, host a “Hunt for Pink October” and ask people to track their locations around town. Consider engaging with local businesses who can sponsor a sign, and then be a part of an official map showing where “hunters” can find each ribbon.
  4. Virtual 5K run/walks have been gaining popularity. They are easier and less costly to facilitate than in-person events and people can participate on their own schedule and according to their personal fitness level. Encourage photos and a hashtag campaign to collect memories and make October 2020 special.
  5. Host Facebook Lunch-and-Learn events with your oncology or imaging staff. Draft a series of questions in advance for a prepared discussion, but open the comment stream to live questions that the subject matter expert can answer in real time.
  6. Wipe away traditional breast cancer giveaways. Since sanitization is all the rage, purchase branded antibacterial wipe containers and give them away at your medical offices.
  7. Host a virtual fashion show, with a common theme … PINK! Seek sponsorships from local boutiques or department stores who can donate their best pink items and showcase them on a virtual runway. Be sure to sprinkle in important facts about the impact of timely screenings and prevention measures.
  8. Hold a pink pumpkin contest online. Ask the community to submit their best decorated gourds and post them to your social media using a branded hashtag. Collect all the entries and post them on your social media accounts. The pink pumpkin with the most “likes” wins!
  9. Create an Appreciation campaign to give your frontline champions the recognition they deserve. Highlight the essential caregivers and support staff that provide care year-round with special office decorations, social media shout-outs and partner perks to let the community know how vital the Cancer team is at your organization.
  10. Don’t overlook the simplicity of important information and education this month. Yes, times are strange, but still take the time to gather the latest research and make it available. Update the appropriate links and resources on your website or blog and take inventory of the most popular pages.

Consider new ways to make this October special. Healthcare needs continue even as many events are canceled, and with a little creativity Breast Cancer Awareness Month can be as pink as ever before.

We’d love to hear how you’re planning to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness month this October.

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