Ten Adams

Jon Linn

Culture + Engagement

I Believe…

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
Whether crafting a pitch-perfect patient experience or igniting an entire workforce, no one does it quite like Jon. After all, he’s spent the last ten years immersed in healthcare strategy and engagement, bringing teams together to transform the experience of healthcare. A Certified Patient Experience Professional, we’re so glad Jon is here to lead our clients to new realities, engaged communities — and happier patients.
Name three things you’re really bad at.
  • Anything to do with sports — sad but true
  • Being on time!
  • I’m really good at getting laundry into the machine — really bad at folding it!
What’s your proudest achievement?

Being a father!

What was the first concert you went to?


What does the Power of Ten mean to you?

Doing great things even when it isn’t easy.