Ten Adams

Amanda Redenbaugh

Creative Services

I Believe…

Teamwork, communication, and good attitudes are the keys to success. I am happy to work in a great environment.
Amanda brings her hometown Milwaukee vibe to the Ten Adams team, with a passion for the Packers and for crafting unforgettable experiences for our client’s audiences. This production artist brings her very best to every project, with pinpoint precision, her signature can-do attitude and over a decade of experience.
If you had to describe yourself using three words, they would be?

Dedicated, Honest, and Compassionate

Favorite movie?

Dirty Dancing

Favorite movie quote?

“I want to be a kid again. I was good at being a kid.”  – Indian Summer (Jennifer Morton)

What does the Power of Ten mean to you?

Hard work, talent, and knowledge. A goal-driven community where things run peacefully so your company can have a wonderful experience.